Anti Wrinkle Injections

How do they work?

A few small injections to the targeted area are enough to block the signal from the nerve to the nerve endings. So when you laugh or frown, your skin looks and feels smoother.

What kind of results can I expect?

The area we treat will appear smoother with less wrinkles, lines and creases. This should last for about three to four months. And you can have top-up treatments to prolong the effects.

Please be aware that the treatment will not affect any static wrinkles that are unrelated to facial contraction.

When will I start to see the changes?

You should notice the changes around seven days or so after your treatment. But this does vary from patient to patient. So it could take between two to three weeks for you to see the full effects.

How do you carry out the treatment?

The procedure is quick, safe and virtually pain-free. We use a very fine needle to inject a tiny amount of treatment into several locations in your face.

Normally, sedation or general anaesthetic isn’t needed. But you can opt for one of these after close consultation with one of our practitioners.